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Written by Karen Gallagher MBE RED, credit Lorna Sim When I was given the task to produce a health show for i-Woman Academy I thought I would be a little opportunistic as I was representing an Australian artist Liz Lea to tour her work RED, a one-woman show based on her own story of living…

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Genophobia: Also known as Coitophobia or Erotophobia

Written by Fern Thompson What are the causes, effects on living, Triggers, and Treatments I can hear you all asking what the hell is Genophobia? Well, it is basically something that is never talked about openly, and it’s the Fear of sex or sexual intimacy. This is more than a simple dislike towards it. It’s…

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Podcasts from our people

Tiny Tangents

Tiny Tangents explores Sanna’s ambition to do a blog or podcast about her adventures and the people who’ve helped or inspired her over the years. But with so many ideas in her head, it might not make it past the first episode. However, she’s glad she stepped out of her comfort zone to make the…

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Third Culture Kids

Joy looks at identity, belonging and what it means to be a third culture kid; What is a third culture kid? In what ways can moving around as a child benefit and hinder your development. She wants to explore the different sets of circumstances of other third culture kids, compare stories, and discuss the components that make…

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Data For Days

Data for Days explores the lack of diversity within the UK journalism industry, taking apart the statistics and figures to make them easier to digest. Jay speaks with journalists and professionals with insights into what the problem is, how we can fix it and whether enough is being done or not.

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