Our iWoman Story

How we built iWoman, the platform by women for women.

Meet the Team

Ngunan Adamu

Ngunan Adamu

Founder & CEO

Nicola Robertson

Nicola Robertson

Programme Manager

Rachel Gnagniko

Rachel Gnagniko


What matters to us

iWoman was founded to provide the space to talk about the real issues that women are facing, starting with the way that women are perceived by society. iWoman aims to create opportunities for women by building, up skilling and providing necessary resources to help women reach their goals. Through our fun, ‘get stuff done’ approach, we work towards inspiring, educating and empowering women. Whether you’re looking to learn more about radio production or connect with like-minded women, iWoman will support you in finding your voice.

Diversity is our first thought, not our last, which is why iWoman was built to represent the voices of all women. iWoman is a space to access resources, connect with other women, constantly learn and have fun!

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Our iWoman Radio podcast shares the stories of women that inspire us. Prepare to be entertained, educated and challenged.

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