Rachel Gilbertson’s experience with iWoman

Why did you apply for iWoman?

I was stuck in a rut and had no idea what I wanted to do as a career. I wanted to learn something new and meet people so I was open to anything that I felt could aid my personal growth. When I came across iWoman, it sounded like just what I needed! I was looking forward to connecting with others as well as getting advice on my future.

What was your experience of iWoman?

iWoman helped to get me out of my comfort zone. It allowed me to think about what I wanted in life and the steps I could take to get there.

The team was lovely and made sure we had the best experience possible. Helen wasn’t just a great person to talk to, she also helped us with our wellbeing and career planning. Ngunan, Nikki and the others made sure iWoman was a welcoming, friendly environment by doing things like icebreaker activities so we could get to know each other. I felt that iWoman was a safe space to talk about anything we wanted - what we talked about in the room stayed in the room.

iWoman got me out of my comfort zone, gave me the confidence to go after the career I wanted and introduced me to valuable connections. The experience has made me excited to push myself in life.

What impact did iWoman have on your life?

I became confident enough to apply for a Film and TV Production degree and pursue a career as a photographer and videographer. Choosing the right career path has left me feeling really happy and fulfilled.

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