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Debra Chisango’s experience with iWoman

Why did you apply for iWoman?

I work as a Chef which comes with fast-paced, long hours. I was looking for something completely different from my job that I could put my energy into. I thought that iWoman seemed like a unique course that would allow me to channel my creativity and meet new people.

What was your experience of iWoman?

iWoman was beyond what I expected. I was looking for something where I could learn new skills, which I was lacking in my career as a Chef at the time. My thinking was challenged every week which allowed me to expand my knowledge of radio production skills throughout the course.

Both Ngunan and Nicola were extremely friendly and treated me as a capable person. I also had one-to-one sessions with Hellen that were really useful as she made me think outside the box.

What impact did iWoman have on your life?

I gained confidence from the course as well as the ability to expand my thinking and learn new skills. My newfound confidence has shown me that nothing is difficult when I put my mind to it. I originally expected music production to be much harder than I found it to be.

Thanks to iWoman, I know that it doesn’t matter what background I come from – I can make it when I am in an environment where women support women.

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