Daphne Binta’s experience with iWoman

Why did you apply for iWoman?

At the time, I was going through a lot of stress. I was going through the immigration process and was unable to work because of my visa.

When I came across iWoman, I thought it would be a great way for me to gain confidence as well as develop my CV. I wanted to develop my computer skills whilst doing something I enjoyed - meeting people and enjoying music. Seeing iWoman as a safe space where you could talk, laugh, joke and cry was very appealing to me.

What was your experience of iWoman?

iWoman was beyond everything I had hoped for. They gave me and the other women a space to feel seen and appreciated. I gained so much knowledge from the course and I still use it now as I complete my master’s degree. Not only did iWoman give me skills and confidence, it also gave me lovely new friends.

We used to have our sessions at FACT in Liverpool which was a great environment thanks to their supportive staff. Ngunan is a brilliant person and very accepting of others - I enjoyed working with her!

What impact did iWoman have on your life?

Whilst I don’t have the talent to pursue a career in radio, I gained a good understanding of how it works and loved the learning process. I found that my mental health improved a great deal because I wasn’t locked up in my room anymore; I had a purpose. iWoman brought me confidence and a good knowledge of UK music. It also introduced me to great people. I can tell iWoman will have a lasting positive impact on me.

Make a positive change

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